Systemic therapy & Life Coaching

There are many different reasons why someone decides to start therapy or to get support in life coaching. In addition to my specialized services, I offer support for topics and concerns such as:

  • anxiety, loneliness, depressive mood or other psychological distress
  • risk of addiction or behavior that limits one's quality of life or puts a strain on relationships
  • issues and conflicts in your social environment: in friendships, with your partner and family, your co-workers or your neighbors
  • challenges and decisions concerning work or your educational training
  • the wish to learn stress management and methods for burnout prevention
  • dealing with exhaustion, illness or health limitations
  • support during radical life changes or after a stroke of fate (in your private life or work related)
My work is based on my philosophy as a systemic therapist & coach, as well as on a number of methods and exercises using conversation, a flip chart, the systems board or the interior space and furniture.

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