about me


Born in 1974 and raised in the Münsterland region. After high school,  my studies of arts and humanities took some turns, detours and 2 attempts. When my pursued career was finally in the bag, out of nowhere a parallel road appeared on the horizon: the calling to Systemic Therapy and Coaching. What should I do?

I decided to answer the call, and I'm deeply grateful to have experienced, learned and seen many things in my life. This diversity and thinking beyond the straight and narrow is an important part of my work that I'd like to share with my clients.

Qualification and Training

  • 3 year training in Systemic Therapy and Coaching at IST in Berlin (SG certificate)

  • 1 year training in Trauma Informed Counseling at institut berlin (Lydia Hantke and Hans-Joachim Görges)

  • Practitioner class (basic training) in Hypnotherapy/Hypnocoaching at inhypnos (Elmar Woelm)

  • Healing permission as Alternative Practitioner of Psychotherapy